Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

Mr Sincere wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Paulmorgan wrote:

Judging by the posters pictures he likes shooting portraits in bright Sunny condition as I do, the 1/8000s max shutter speed has real advantages here

We'll see what he says. But a simple solution to that problem is an ND filter, a polarizer, or a magenta filter (for maximum signal-noise performance).

Paul was actually right, this time. I like to take a lot of outdoor portraits, so that 1/8000 would be super handy. For more formal shooting, sure, an ND filter would work fine. But I also do a lot of random shooting (including candid portraits) just when I'm out and about, and it's nice to not worry about taking an ND filter on and off as the lighting conditions change. I found that an almost deal killing nuisance with the x20 when I used it.

That said, I've done tons of shooting on m43 with the 20mm/1.7 in bright light, wide open, on cameras that didn't do 1/8000, and managed just fine. But that 1/8000 was one of those nice convenience factors that helped sell the EP5 to me.

I see your point. It's just that for me, it isn't a big deal to put a filter on for this purpose when I need it.

If you look at the New Orleans photos I posted elsewhere, you'll see the reason I wanted that 5-axis stabilization: I like to take lots of night street shots also.

However, it may well be that the 3-axis stabilization is "good enough". I was planning to wait for the reviews.

I am pretty sure that the 3-axis IBIS in the E-M10 is the same as the 5-axis IBIS less two sensors (those for vertical and horizontal shift). That these two sensors are the ones omitted is already clear from the official specifications issued by Olympus:

What is still not perfectly clear is whether everything else is the same as the 5-axis IBIS but I'd be surprised if such isn't the case. The old Oly IBIS was 2-axis only (i.e., it could not correct for roll) and didn't work for video (as the one on the E-M10 is promised to do), and I wouldn't think that Oly has spent time teaching their old IBIS new tricks if they already have a new and better solution.

If things turn out to be the way I think they are, the 3-axis IBIS will be just as efficient as the 5-axis version except at very high magnifications ("macro" work). Correction for vertical and horizontal shift is not of much importance except at very high levels of magnification.

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