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Re: Dennis: I feel perfectly at loss = the a3000 was a disaster not a glory for S.

Greynerd wrote:

I am not sure that litigation for selling something cheap is really going to work.

What costs are you talking about? I expect the development costs were low as the body is large so stock components could be used. You say faux DSLR but putting a central viewfinder in the middle of the body seems to necessitate the shape. Many CSC's are this shape and superzooms also.

If you want a rangefinder shape with a corner EVF Sony do 2 models so why this hysteria has been generated over the very affordable high resolution A3000 because it happens to look like a DSLR is a bit of a mystery.

ail wagging the dog?

There is nothing that dictates that the EVF must be central. In fact for a lot of users, the extreme lhs is preferable. So it must be STYLE that causes the designers to place it central with a hump, or LHS like NEX or GX7. Customers are buying the 'humped' cameras with central EVF because they prefer the style, for whatever reasons. So naturally the manufacturers must comply. It's a shame; quel domage!

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