Comparing Olympus 4/3lenses to FX "Full Frame" offerings

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And there it is.

Tiger1 wrote:

Tiger1 wrote:

Tiger1 wrote:

Sensor size has little to do with enlargement.

It has *everything* to do with enlargement!

The first Canon D30 had an aps sensor of 3MP. The sony digicam has a tiny sensor comparatively but has 20MP. You can enlarge the sony pictures far more than the canons. A sigma merrill camera has an aps-c sized sensor but you can enlarge the images from it far more than a Nikon D3 which has a FF sensor, despite the texta balloon example you gave us.
Enlargement in the digital era is all about numbers of pixels coupled with cleanliness/sharpness per pixel. It has little to do with sensor size (although I have been arguing that the larger sensors can have larger photosites which trap more photons and you can have more of them to boot!).

Wow, just wow. It has everything to do with sensor size. Well, more accurately, it has everything to do with aperture diameter and saturation capacity.

By the way, were you ever going to get around to answering Bob's question? If not, is there any particular reason you don't want to answer?

I'm on my phone which limits what I can see image wise.
I have a social function after work so I won't get to my computer for another 24hrs.
That's why I can't answer Uncle Bob's question....yet.

You didn't answer Uncle Bob's other question either (maybe it wasn't directed at you) - you seem very concerned about 'correct' exposure at some ISO. If two cameras have 'equal' ISO, what is it that is 'equal'?

Can't remember that question but anyhow I'll answer.

Um, I linked to it two or three times. See the underlined "Bob's question" above? If you click on it, it will take you right there.

ISO measures the camera medium's (digital sensor or film) sensitivity to light.

Were that so, then all cameras from all generations would be equally sensitive to light at the same ISO. Are you claiming this to be true?

It actually looks at sensitivity of light per unit area like I've been saying rather than total light over sensor or film. So cameras of equal iso will have equally sensitive sensors.

Wow, just wow. You see, it is stupendously *gross misunderstandings* like that, which people take to heart that are at the source of all the vitriol towards Equivalence. I imagine it was quite the same when the clergy was being told that the Sun was at the center of the Solar System rather than the Earth.

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