Faked DSLR - A new trend for the mirrorless.

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Re: Faked DSLR - A new trend for the mirrorless.

I'm actually fine with the shape of the "cigarette box" style cameras, but I have to wonder if the ones with that shape tend to have the brightest viewfinders...? From what I understand, they don't. The GH2 that I just bought has a bit of a hump on the top and to me it isn't a slick looking as some of the ones that don't.... but it does have a really bright viewfinder and I'm happy with that... Form follows function you know, though I know that there's a bit more of that going on because that extra space on top tends to be designed to look like an old SLR hump, but is that really such a bad thing.
I think that some of the new crop of cameras like the new Fuji model are quite well designed. I like the "retro" controls on the body approach, it seems like it isn't really any bigger than it needs to be and the look is cool in my book, retro or not.

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