Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Paulmorgan wrote:

Its been a good 30 years since I last experienced SS with a camera bolted to a microscope, the shock was enough to make the film and pressure plated move a few thou.

Microscope shooting differs from the ordinary in two significant respects:

1. The magnification is very high, which implies that no matter whether the camera displacement takes the form of pitch or vertical shift, it will cause significant blur. At lower levels of magnification, only pitch has any impact to speak of. Consequently, much of the blur can in that case be avoided if you can assure that the displacement takes the form of vertical shift rather pitch. See this post/thread for details:

2. The camera is not supported at the body, as would be the case in hand-held shooting or on a tripod (unless the lens has a tripod collar). This increases the likelihood of significant displacement.

The camera in question never had a mirror lock setting, and the shutter speeds were of those I would generally use hand held, hand held pictures were always fine.

See above for the likely reason why you saw more problems in microscope shooting than otherwise.

I suspect those that are truly experiencing SS might have over sensitive IS

Blur due to SS is well documented even in cases where neither the body nor the lens has IS. While this does not eliminate the possibility that IS plays a part, it certainly demonstrate that IS is not the only culprit. In my own testing with the E-M5 and my OIS lenses (14-45, 45-200, 100-300), I have seen no significant evidence that IBIS or OIS makes the blur due to SS worse than it would otherwise have been. On the other hand, it does not help against it either with one exception: the OIS of the 14-45.

or sensor mount, maybe some camera`s are more prone to SS than others, good EM5`s bad EM5`s, good EP5 bad EP5 etc.

We certainly cannot rule out the possibility that there is some sample variation.

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