Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Not a lot hey, I've kinda wanted a super zoom for the longest time, I just didn't want to put up with an FZ150/FZ200 small sensor. It's just the lack of lenses and ending up outgrowing it that puts me off another fixed lens camera.

Your OP is about ultra wide angle zoom, no? And that is assuming you are not talking FF equiv rather APSc focal length?

To understand your problem, let us define it first: what would be the ideal focal length range (FF equiv) for a zoom and what would be fast enough aperture to go with it. Also, why do you think bumping up the ISO is a big deal... is it noise, detail, dynamic range?

Ideally... full frame, I guess 24mm on the wide end and I'd probably go out to 300mm on the long end eventually, something like an F/2.8 would be nice, although f/3.5 could suffice I guess... with something around F/5.6 on the long end if I'm looking at canon glass. That would give reasonable day time usage and it's not outrageous by any means... Probably something like a 24-70 and 70-300 in Canon as something to start with. I might look at a 16-30 after that... But a simple 2 lens kit would be all that I'd need to get started.

As it is, I'm out at 170mm with my LX7 and a converter and it's honestly not quite enough for me. ISO bumping is a big deal on the factor of noise and detail, I'm trying to get away here from the noise and detail smearing issues that come with a compact and hopefully not recreate them on a larger sensor camera. I was looking at like for like light settings between the LX7 and GM1 kit lens the other night, lets just say the GM1 leaves a lot to be desired at base ISO with the same lighting conditions on the kit lens.

I'm looking at it now from the perspective of what I can get vs. a midpoint DSLR such as a D5300 and for what I do sensor wise the Sony E Mount kit stacks up OK as does the Fuji X, I'm aware I'd be giving up a fair amount of AF speed and low light sensitivity, I'm OK with that and using a tripod if I have to in order to make a shot work...

The thing is if I bought the twin kit for an NEX now I'd probably have enough money on the side to look at a fast and wide lens... that's the position, particularly if you look at the midpoint of the NEX range and there's honestly not a lot there yet... Maybe I should just sit on that and have a think about it and just get the twin kit.

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