a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Regarding the A5000, I made it perfectly clear that I was discussing what options are open for NEX users in the new range and saying that the A5000 (which is NOT a starter camera - that is the A3000) is of no interest to us, which leaves only the rumoured NEX-7 replacement as a body of possible interest... and if that is not what we want then many will probably leave with Fuji being one of the obvious destinations

OK, so let me think this through.

A whole bunch of users with 1-2 year old cameras will hop between systems every time one manufacturer "leapfrogs" the others according to a constantly-shifting wishlist, they'll spend more of their disposable income on cameras and lenses, and you think camera manufacturers would consider that a downside?

Oh dear, we are being deliberately dense, aren't we?

Calm down. It's a discussion forum. It's not clear to me what your personal preferences are nor why they are automatically of high commercial concern to Sony. Harmless to discuss it a bit, isn't it?

NEX was released in 2010, means it's coming-up for four years old now and many of us have been there since the begining,

Yes, including me.

others have joined en-route

NEX users buy lenses, accessories and new bodies on a regular basis which makes them high-value customers to Sony. Sony are foolish because their customer model does not allow them to recognise this reality (this also applies to A-mount owners)

If Sony are not obviously releasing the bodies that NEX owners want to buy, particularly after cancelling the NEX product name and re-organising the E-mount product range,

So to replay that, they've undergone a branding exercise, and they've brought out new APS-C and Full-Frame cameras that use the same E mount. OK, gotcha.

then those users will probably leave and go to another brand - some rather high-profile members of this forum are already talking about doing that. If that happens then Sony will lose a lot of high value customers. If they were sensible they would consider it a downside, but I suspect they won't even notice as they don't think of customers in that way and instead will just see an inexplicable (to them) underperformance in APS-C Emount camera/lens/accessory

Perhaps, or perhaps they're trying to make E-mount a premier FF category and had no idea how many users would want to stick on APS-C nor what features would unite that set of users. I don't work for Sony, I don't know their roadmap or sales actual/projected, and I'm still none the wiser as to what you want nor why you can't upgrade to e.g. a NEX-7 equivalent until it has a successor, if you have a 4 year old NEX-5.

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