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Its a phase

It is difficult to think of another area of technology where where replacing mechanical components with electronic systems does not decrease costs. If it does not it begs the question what is the point? It is probably why Canon are still selling shed loads of DSLR's as there has been no economic advantage demonstrated in mirrorless sytems at all. Also with DSLR's you get fast dedicated focusing sensors thrown in also helping decrease the costs in the inverse mirror view of the world that is mirrorless finance.

Edit: Probably mirrorless is a solution which has just failed to persuade people that there was a problem.

Dennis wrote:

Could be that they're more expensive than the popular myth suggests ("mirrorless is better because it's cheaper to produce without all those moving parts")

Not too long ago, film vs digital were a part of similar discussion, right down to pricing. DSLRs basically came down in price and they happen to be mostly legacy cameras.

Mirrorless technology is going through a phase to establish itself, with areas that need to be developed along with lenses to go with it. Sooner or later, there will be stabilization. Think about it... even APSc mirrorless cameras are less than four years old.

But no better argument can be made on the subject but by time. To assume either way would be simply being short sighted. Logically speaking, if I were to bet, it would be on digital becoming more digital and right down to eliminating the mirror. The pro mirror noise will subside with it.

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