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Re: Tempting this is

I really do not put a lot of faith in user reporting focusing speed issue's without knowing their experience with long focal length lenses or their camera body used. If they are comparing it to a 70-200 2.8 of course the focusing will be different as it is a slower speed lens in aperture size. Various formats and bodies also effect focus speed so those kind of comments I let go in one ear and out the other.

As far are MTF charts and where the sweet spots are for what I will be using this lens for which is BIF mostly and long range wildlife mounted on a tripod this lens will rarely be shot at another aperture lower than 7.2 through 10 anyway. I usually shoot BIF at 1/1250 @ F8 letting the ISO be the variable if needed. This way I get acceptable DOF and a shutter speed that will stop the wing tips. So for me those reports are another in one ear and out the other.......

For me the end results with my gear and me shooting and PP's means everything and all the chatter next to nothing. Unless, I hear things like critical quality control issues popping up then I will use that info to verify my own lens does not exhibit this. Everything else discussed about this or any lens is subjective at best. The only outside testing site I even pay a bit of attention to is DXO and I will skim through user evaluations on various lenses on Dyxum before e buying one off EBay

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