Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Long term life support, at best

K E Hoffman wrote:

digitalshooter wrote:

Waiting to be taken off! Sony cannot sustain the a mount forever. The crossover from other brands, has not happened. Sony is reaching for anything They can, but ultimately the ship will sink.

Folks are not buying their changes,

Sales figures or are you just making stuff up... I have already shared Sony's success in India.with links. and money is money even if it doesn't come from cranky people in the NA and Europe

You should know by now that only NA and Europe make up the World(tm), the rest of the planet is only good for Care package;-)

Try to explain that there are more 'middle class' folks in India that they are Americans. That they live in hi-end condos, etc, etc.

We had the same problem here in Quebec with Embrair. How can the Brazilian built aircrafts... Which was the same question asked a couple of decade ago: How can these Quebecois built aircraft...

Fact is that Sony is THE major brand in consumer and professional image acquisition worldwide. You and I knows this, some refuse to admit it.

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