Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

traveler_101 wrote:

Dear Mr. Sincere

Thank you for posting; it has been a tremedously informative and at times entertaining thread.

Umm, you're welcome?    I personally always feel a bit guilty when I start a thread that degenerates into a flame war, but I suppose there have been a few educational and entertaining bits.

My advice is to dump this camera as soon as you can and instead of buying a used E-M5 for $650, pick up a brand new E-M10 for $699. Then you ahve a full warranty, plus dpreview has ths to say about it: "The good news is that our preliminary testing suggests it isn't prone to the image shake that can occur with the PEN E-P5."

This has occurred to me.  However, the 1/8000 shutter on the EP5 was a huge selling point to me, along with its 5-axis stabilization.  Both are features I know I'll use extensively.  The E-M1 is way out of my price range, and I prefer something a little smaller anyway.

As far as shock on the E-M10 goes, I think I'll wait and be cautiously optimistic on that one.  I do believe there is some sample variation out there on how bad the shock is between cameras, and that there are plenty of EP5s that don't show much shock.  By the same token, DPReview may just have a good copy of an E-M10.  Further, I'm not sure whether the E-M10 has the short shutter lag option, which made a big difference with my EP5.

I don't like to buy used digital cameras--lenses o.k. but cameras no.

I think I learned my lesson the hard way on buying used from an individual.  I've always bought used from retailers (Amazon, B&H, camera shop, etc) where returns aren't an issue.  This particular individual said shock wasn't an issue with the camera before I made the purchase.  :-/

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