Do You Use the Neck Strap?

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Re: I despise the Black Rapid strap!!!

Mike_PEAT wrote:

MediaArchivist wrote:

I use a BlackRapid side strap.

The BR straps are a pain in the front of the neck, literally. Their "solution" is an additional strap that is under the arm that pulls the BR strap away from the front of the neck. Stupid!

I use a BR sling strap.   (RS-7).   Hate the OEM strap, it's about useless.    My BR causes me no pains.   If yours does, you either have an over-sensitive neck or did not adjust the length properly.  Or maybe using an earlier, straight model like RS-4 or RS-5

I tried on their RS-Sport extreme and found it even more comfortable - but for the time being, RS-7 suits me fine.

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