Nikon 16mm or 8mm Samyang on Full Frame

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Re: SpaceDoc !

Sweet, J-P.!!! 
Thanks a lot for sharing these!!!
As it's not a zoom like the Tokina 10-17 Fish I presume that the optical quality of the Nikon will be better than the Tokina @10.5mm. Wish I had both. Though for the non-dare-devil like me the Tokina NON-Hood 'pre-shaved' version may be the easier way to go ... saving nerves and valuta.

JP Scherrer wrote:

SpaceDoc wrote:


did you 'shave' the nikon 10.5mm DX fish for FX

yep, the Tokina 10-17 @10mm looks about the same.



Yes, I shaved the l0.5 lens-hood !


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