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Re: ETTR ISO 100

Anders W wrote:

Thomas Niemann wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Ethan637372 wrote:

just a question for everyone, since ISO 100 might be an overexposed ISO 200, can I still use the blinkies in ISO100 to not clip, are the blinkies still accurate?

I just checked and the answer is yes. The highlight "blinkies" turn on at the same exposure (same f-stop and shutter speed) at the LOW (ISO 100) setting as at ISO 200, as should be the case if they are working as they should.

Different results here:

Not for the highlights, which is what the question was about. For the shadow warnings, where there is no fixed clipping point, it is to be expected that there is a difference in the direction your samples indicate.

The highlights are different. Look at the lamp shade.

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