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Re: Dennis: I feel perfectly at loss = the a3000 was a disaster not a glory for S.

jpr2 wrote:

Dennis wrote:

This seemed like such a brilliant move until reality set in. The EVF and LCD are so bad that it's hard to imagine anyone preferring this camera to a D3100. I've never seen a Sony camera go on fire sale so quickly. Right idea; wrong product.

errr? what was so brilliant about the a3000?

Brilliant in an obvious sort of way ... to my mind, CSCs were struggling because the ones that compete in the mass market laced VFs and the ones that compete on usability were too expensive. Even the Panasonic G series is still more expensive than DSLR kits. The A3000 had the potential to be the first CSC to compete with the likes of $550 Rebels and D3100 kits.

or maybe the price point, but then why was it land-slided (perhaps mud-slided would be a better description) almost immediately after introduction to a dumping point

Like I said, seemed like a brilliant idea until reality set it - reality being that the EVF and LCD were so bad that almost noone would want one. (I know a handful of bargain hunters who see the value in the 20MP sensor are happy with it; especially if they got it at fire sale pricing, but the consumer who picked one up and compared it to a cheap DSLR was bound to find it crummy ... I waited to try one before coming to that conclusion, even though the spec was unimpressive).

or... maybe it is = by showing the real manufacturers' costs??

Could be that they're more expensive than the popular myth suggests ("mirrorless is better because it's cheaper to produce without all those moving parts")

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