Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

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Re: Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

Daniel Wee wrote:

Okay, I went and re-did the Cityscape photos because I didn't think the Carl Zeiss 35mm F2.8 would be that bad. Here's the new test. This time round, I shot at ISO3200, ISO1600, and ISO100. For the E-M1 shots, I also did some at F8 although I think the F4 shots should match the F8 on the Carl Zeiss for depth-of-field. So to satisfy everyone, I have got the F4 and F8 versions for the ISO3200 and ISO100 shots for the E-M1/17mm.

Since the 17mm gives you the field of view of a 34mm lens on FF, you will notices some field of view differences between that (wider) and the 35mm of the Carl Zeiss.

On Lightroom 5.3, this time I've used pretty much the same settings for both the ARW and ORF RAW files. Because the E-M1 has a tendency to expose for the shadows apparently, it tended to result in some blown-out highlights. As a result, I had to turn the highlights down a bit more to recover some details. As far as I am concerned, this is all fair game since these are the tools available to me.

Okay, so without much ado, here goes:-

a7 ISO 3200, 0.8 sec @ F8

E-M1 ISO 3200, 1/2 sec @F4

E-M1 ISO 3200, 1.6 sec @F8

a7 ISO 1600, 1.6 sec @F8

E-M1 ISO 1600, 0.8 sec @F4

a7 ISO 100, 30 sec @F8

E-M1 ISO 100, 13 sec @F4

E-M1 ISO 100, 50 sec @F8

The first thing that we can see is that my earlier Cityscape test image for the Carl Zeiss was indeed misfocussed. This set shows that it is very sharp from edge to edge, and is easily comparable to the Olympus 17mm lens, which speaks well for both of them.
I should also add that I have little interest in technical comparisons. I'm only looking at how an end user might use the cameras to get a particular shot, and personally - my specific interest is high-ISO performance and depth-of-field. Therefore, this is not necessarily a "fair" comparison from a scientific point of view, but I would think it is fair enough from an end-user's point of view.

Thanks for doing this, Daniel, below the side-by-sides:

@ ISO 3200 - M1 at left, A7 at right

@ ISO 100 - M1 at left, A7 at right

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