D600 AF Tracking in Low-Light?

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Re: D600 AF Tracking in Low-Light?

arrr wrote:

,YRUNVS wrote:

I haven't had any experience with fast action in low light, but lots of low light and I cant remember a time where I've had focus hunting when using a prime other than when I've tried to shoot closer than MFD. Daylight with the kit lens, I've had no problems tracking fast action.

Thanks for the samples YRUNVS, if possible I'm going to try to rent a D600 to test. I'd hate to have to buy and return it if it did not meet my needs.

You actually read my mind.  I intended to suggest renting the camera to insure that it was a good fit for your needs. As you mention that is likely a much preferable route then going through the potential hassle of buying, being disappointed and having to return.

Good luck!

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