Comparing Olympus 4/3lenses to FX "Full Frame" offerings

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Re: Comparing Olympus 4/3lenses to FX "Full Frame" offerings

dave gaines wrote:

So whatever you do, don't try to replace your 4/3 lenses with full frame equivalents for anywhere near the price or IQ. Keep your E-series and OM-D E-Mx and use these lenses. Make me an offer on my few remaining lenses. It's too late to save me, but you can still benefit from my system switch.

Hey Dave,

correct me, if I am wrong, but it seems that you have very limited (if any) real life experience with Nikon system and lenses. I must admit, there were the times, when I was thinking in a similar way as you do... but I was wrong. Yes, I had all that superior Zuiko lenses; if I remember well it was 8FE, 7-14, 12-60, 14-35, 14-45, 14-54, 14-54 MkII, PL 14-50, PL 14-150, 35, 35-100, 40-150, 50, 50-200, 150, 90-250, EC-14, EC-20, EX-25,... What I can tell you, switching to Nikon FX was no problem and I did not miss even a single Oly lens.

Not going to argue with anybody, just my 2 cents. But what I have found (as longterm user of both systems) is very different to what you says - you can replace most of 4/3 lenses with FX equivalents for about the same price and receive excellent IQ (if you cannot replace some, you most likely find some other lenses that cannot be replaced on 4/3), excellent electronics and as a bonuses better light gathering capabilities and more advanced sensors and cameras.

Anyway, always like to see enthusiasts around and gear is not the most important thing for the good picture, so keep enjoying!

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