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Steve Huff does all things Leica. He has reviews of the Leica M Monochrom and the new M240. He likes them both for B&W. He also has an interesting comparison.


Because todays DSLR are so blooming heavy and bulky, I have considering a Leica M240 or a Monochrom for street work - which print all in B&W.

Lord Mox wrote:

Again, thanks everyone for the valuable information. I did learn a lot, got confused a bit, and enjoyed some of the irrelevant discussions as much :-P.

As for why I need a back up camera. I find myself sometimes in situations that are so engaging and fast moving that it makes me wish for another body with different lens to be available at that instance. Sometimes I am in situations where I need one to take video and stills at the same time (with me included in the video, not just pressing the shutter while the camera is filming). Add to that my love for b&w. It's one thing to shoot color, and another to take a camera the whole of purpose of which is b&w. Your approach, and mentality will be quite different, I believe. Of course this is subjective.

But the purpose of my thread, is to learn the objective differences, if any. Some have mentioned Leica monochrome. I wasn't aware that such a camera exist. So when I read most of the replies that any color camera works, and that b&w occurs in post, then I wonder why is Leica making a dedicated b&w when there is no difference? That's why I made the thread...to learn whether or not there is a difference, and whether this difference is significant in anyway...for example, is resolution and dynamic range as important to b&w as they are for color?

Thanks all,


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