Do You Use the Neck Strap?

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Not the one that came with the camera, but yes, every single time

The first time I picked up a "real" camera, the person who owned it made me put the strap around my neck and hold the camera in my off hand. This, he told me, was what you did, always, every time. Never forget the strap, but never let the camera dangle from it. The strap is only there to catch the camera if you make a terrible mistake.  The camera belongs in your hand, or stowed in a bag or some other secure spot.

And I've done just that, every, single time I've touched a camera since.  Two exceptions, one big and one small: I carry a very small camera with a wrist strap rather than a neck strap, and I will handle a camera in a store or shop with no strap if necessary. The point is that in 25+ years of active photography in all kinds of circumstances,  I've never dropped a camera.  This is no credit to me-- I am quite clumsy.  It's all a matter of good habits.

I'm old school, so I'm currently using a plain nylon strap from DSPTCH-  excellent quality and very light weight. But I'm always considering options to move to something more distinctive.

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