What’s going on at Olympus’ ?: EM-1 (and 12-40 mm) annoyances

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What’s going on at Olympus’ ?: EM-1 (and 12-40 mm) annoyances

I’d like to start this thread with a brief preamble to make you see that it is not meant to stir any polemics, but merely to voice my “disorientation” and possibly seek an answer to the question referred to hereabove.

I have been an Olympus user in what is now a lifetime. I set out in 1973, when I lived in the Bahamas, with an OM-1, which I still have , works beautifully (never had to get it serviced !!) and looks like when it was brand new. I also have an E-1, though I now mainly use an E-3; to me, they are great cameras, but my problem is that I begin to find them rather cumbersome and heavy to carry along all day, especially during my trips abroad.

Thus, some 15 months ago I purchased an E-M5: three months and some flaws later (namely, paint losses, cracked bezel and shutter issues) were enough to persuade me that, when compared with E-1 and E-3, the E-M5 belonged , at least from a build quality standpoint, to a lower league and so, without further ado, I traded the camera in when I bought my Leica M 9-P. Besides, an Oly MFT pro body was being rumoured and I thought I’d better wait for it.

When the E-M1 was marketed, remindful of my E-M5 past experience, I decided to wait a little longer for some adopters’ comments before taking the plunge and this appears to have been a good idea as skimming through a few pages of this very forum enabled me to find several claims, complaints or whatever for faults or supposed flaws (?), which I’m simply copying herebelow:

. rear dial failure

.blurred pictures due to shutter shock issue

.eyecup holding tabs easily breaking off (not covered by warranty)

. stability issue

. burst/frame rate drop

. timelapse problem

. body paint flacking/wearing off

. video autofocus noise/video bug

. shutter button is not two stages in its feel

. black dot noise appearing on frame from 3200 ISO

. 12-40mm lens breaking off at the plastic mount where the bayonet attaches by screws

. rear screen blanking and lockup problems

. low light issues: disappointing ability to focus/metering delay affecting IQ

Now then, I just reckon the list I made needs not many comments; even if 50% of the reported defects were to prove unfounded, how can a potential buyer (and Olympus supporter) not feel disappointed and kind of put off? And Olympus bills the E-M1 as a pro camera !?.

That having been said, a few questions have come to my mind:

. it doesn’t seem to have taken long for the E-M1 adopters to find out their claimed annoyances. I therefore wonder as to how come Dpreview did not detect any of them during their extensive tests;

. but, more importantly, what’s going on at Olympus’ ?. Are these faults merely early “diseases” and are Olympus people paying any attention and taking any steps towards “curing” them?. I should hope so, as I’m fond of the brand and still would like an E-M1, but not on these grounds. I also believe that, given the numerous claims, some kind of acknowledgment and assurance ought to come from Olympus. Am I wrong?

Well, that’ll be all. I thank you for finding the time to read my post and I shall of course be glad to read your views. Best regards.

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