Sony Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 55mm f1.8 ZA DxOMark Score of 42

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Re: Wow....Baby Otus almost doesn't do it justice...

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TrojMacReady wrote:

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Sharpness comes in at 29P-mpix (tested with A7r) !

Calling it a baby Otus (with baby price compared to the Otus...) almost doesn't do its performance justice. Even actual transmission values appear close to identical.

There's much more to the photo than sharpness. The Otus has a rendering style that's medium format in character, something that the 55mm FE can't achieve. Don't get me wrong, I like the 55mm FE (I own it), but the Otus has a 3D feeling to it that I haven't seen in other lenses. Keep in mind that the distance between the front element and sensor determines perspective, and its diameter the DoF and far distance bokeh - the Otus is about twice the FE in both of these metrics. I have taken shots from the same location, with both lenses, using identical exposure, and the Otus has a much more noticeable clarity & pop. Sharpness was great on both, naturally, though the Otus had much more controlled fringing.

Interesting, thanks for the comments.

Would love to see your comparison shots between the two.

I'm going out this Saturday afternoon and will take fresh shots with both; will most likely start a new thread. In the meantime, here's a scene (albeit at high ISO) that illustrates the following:

- Excellent sharpness on both the FE55 and Otus 55.

- Significant fringing on the FE55, virtually non-existing on the Otus 55 (look at the lit C2 jetway sign)

- More DoF on the FE55 (look at the buildings behind the runway, and also the skyline even beyond it)

- More 3D-like rendering on the Otus 55 (look at the details on the C4 jetway doors area)

For reference, focusing was done on the UNITED logo type on the airplane in the foreground, at jetway C2. Also, image processing was done to favor the FE55, by applying Lens Profile corrections, and also removing chromatic aberrations. By contrast, the Otus 55 photo had no corrections applied. Both photos had an identical amount of luminance smoothing and sharpness applied.

FE55 photo:

Otus 55 photo, identical exposure

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