Em-1 Noise in Low ISO, Low light shots.

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Gianluca Grossi wrote:

knickerhawk wrote:

I looked at your LR and PN comparison street shot. There are obvious problems with processing options selected with Photo Ninja, probably related in part to your more aggressive noise suppression and sharpening settings and in part to the demosaic algorithm utilized by PN. Look at the pavement to the left of the "Macelleria" sign. The more aggressive noise suppression in the PN has rubbed out texture in the pavement bricks and given them a plasticky look. Moreover, there is obvious maize moire in the pavement. It's quite clear as you look "up" the sidewalk. This moire is not present in the LR version, so it didn't "originate" in the raw file. Rather, it was introduced by some combination of the PN demosaic engine and/or your settings in PN and it's the sort of problem you sometimes see when aggressive demosaic/sharpening strategies are used. There are other tradeoff issues in the PN version as well, but these examples should suffice to reinforce the point that there are no magic bullets and no substitute for getting exposure right in the first place.

probably I used to much sharpening, but to me this conversion is way head the LR and the downside are really really minor to me(moire easily suppressed in LR) and the brick on the pavement are very underexpose and again PN does a great job to recover them and to my eyes doesn't look plastic at all. What I know for sure that no other program could have done it better...or you can contradict me?

Depends on what you mean by "better".  As already noted, the PN version suffers from visible moire that isn't present at all in the LN version.  That's certainly not better to me.  The more plastic look caused by stronger noise reduction in the PN version shows up in other places in the image as well as the pavement.  For instance, take a look at the concrete pole to the right of the bicycle rider.  Half way up, the pole looks like somebody smudged it with greasy fingers.  The LN version isn't perfect, but it's somewhat less obvious.  The downside of strong noise reduction tends not to show up as prominently in scenes dominated by man made stuff.  Nature shots and portraits are better tests of the effectiveness of noise reduction tools than a shot like this one.

Regarding other elements of "better," the PN rendering has turned the highlighted buildings on the right side a sickly yellow and has blown a lot more detail than the LN version.  Highlight rendering is important to me, and the PN fails compared to the LN version in that regard (at least for this one comparison). The clouds in the upper sky in the PN version look false to me.  They're too green and the tonal transition between cloud and sky is not handled as well in the PN version (the LN version is probably a bit too red though).  The color problems in each could probably be corrected.  The strong contrast between sky and tree branches shows more CA in the PN version.  Again, this is probably correctable.

Indeed, there is far less luminance noise in the PN version, but it clearly has not come cost-free.  If noise reduction is a higher priority to you than other things, then I can understand why you're so happy with PN.

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