Major frustration in D800 AF Tuning even with DotTune Method

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Re: Partial result with new target and some interesting observations

ZionImage wrote:

1. After I focused with LV, I hit the button to switch back to view finder. In this process, it seems like there are enough camera shake that the focus is already off. (I test it by immediately switch back to LV and found that the green rectangle turned red.) I tried to reduce the camera shake by putting a sand bag on top of the D800, but it doesn't seem to help enough to avoid that issue.

This is just how LV works. If you go out of LV and then back in, the rectangle will be red, indicating that autofocus hasn't been performed during that session of LV. Your focus will be maintained from the previous LV session (unless you're camera is really jumping about, which seems unlikely).

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