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Thanks for looking and commenting Scott. I know what you are saying about the top surfaces. The problem was that I could not get them brighter using the Nik colour efex that generated this look without having the tires go to a very dark colour. It is a by product of the solarization module. Some of the pluggins have more control over certain aspects of the end result and some fewer. There are some controls here but not enough to control everything you might want to. I think it may be possible to get there by doing more adjustment to local contrast and brightness prior to applying the pluggin, but that is going to take some more experimentation on my part.

I have to say I not sure I will do many more bikes. The amount of fine detail work to remove the background is way more than required to do a car. It would have been easier if the background had been better and had not required total removal.

Stephen:  Thanks for looking and commenting.  I do like the way the frame, tank and fenders look in the colour version and set off the chrome.  I wasn't entirely happy with the way the image rendered in this treatment (see my reply to Scott above) and as a result was more happy with the monochrome version as I didn't feel those areas were as prominent in the presented image.


Thanks for looking at both and commenting on both.  I don't like the more 'realistic' version much.  It doesn't really do anything for me.  It is just an image of a nice bike.  I would have liked it more if I could have turned the white background black, but I was unable to do that.  (Having typed this, I just thought of a method that might work that I have not tried so I may revisit this.)  I think a lot of my preferences in this area mimic my taste in art work.  I like colourful images that are often not at all realistic.  In terms of realistic art work, I do like some enough to purchase but our latter purchases have been surrealistic or impressionistic in style.  Mostly, in creating these images, it is the excitement of the pursuit in processing that motivates the effort.  Two years ago, processing meant cropping and minor exposure adjustment for me.  I have enjoyed the journey in processing far more than I would have anticipated, more than a new camera or lenses!


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