Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

When Sony announced SLT for A-mount in 2010, the a33 and a55 were very well received. I picked up the latter. Sony was also selling a55's twin a580 which was a DSLR. One of the benefits Sony brought up with SLT was reduced size and weight. And what did Sony buyers say? The a55 is too small and light with bigger A-mount lens (a55 is about the same height and weight as a7 but thicker). Sony responded with larger and heavier bodies with subsequent releases (a65 and a77 were the next two, comparable to a580 in size and weight).

Now we are going to a full circle on E-mount. We are demanding larger and heavier lenses. But note how people dismiss even 70-200/4 which is significantly smaller and lighter than a 70-200/2.8 (much less 70-400) would be. And a7 is actually substantially larger/heavier than the APSc bodies too.

So in a way, we are going to demand that E-mount be larger and heavier, or that Sony should create two models for each series, one small (NEX-3N) and one bigger (a3000... even though a3000 is actually very light due mostly air space).

If size is non issue, or becomes a non issue, I already have used Sony's solution: EA adapters. When I need speedier lenses and/or zoom, I use EA2 and A-mount but revert to smaller form and function with primes otherwise. Likes of Samsung and Fuji don't have this option. For that matter, Samsung's 16-50/2-2.8 is bigger, 2x more expensive and heavier than my Sony DT 16-50/2.8 SSM a lens that can be used on NEX-6.

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