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Thomas Niemann wrote:

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texinwien wrote:

Thomas Niemann wrote:

Note that ISO 12232:2006 includes the Recommended Exposure Index that allows manufacturers to specify an ISO value that produces well-exposed images.

Indeed, I've read that article (and many others on the subject) backwards and forwards many times. It, in no way whatsoever, disproves anything I've said. As a matter of fact, it's at the foundation of what I'm saying.

I wonder why Olympus would recommend ISO 200 when, per your comment, ISO 100 would be better as an increase in exposure would yield less noise.

Well, the error-laden article you linked to talks about it a bit.

Here I was referring to the TOP articles you originally linked to, not to the wikipedia article on Film Speed, to which you also linked.

In a previous post you stated that "The fact that the E-M5 has a sensor ISO 107 at camera ISO 200 means Olympus can (and did) add a Low / ~100 Camera ISO that has a sensor ISO of 107 without really sacrificing DR.".

And that is correct with regards to the RAW file, where it really matters.

The dpreview of the E-M1 indicated that there was less highlight detail at ISO 100. Their graphs also indicate this. (scroll down to the end of this page).

Those results are talking about JPEGs, so they're irrelevant to a discussion about the actual/RAW DR at a specific ISO setting.

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