Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: This doesn't add up

Lumixdude wrote:

Of course there are many different means and ways of focusing and manual focus has its place as well. I just mean to say, the more I discuss this it seems Canon cops the short end of the stick when both Fuji and Sony have had auto focus issues as well. Yet, strangely all you ever here about is "the poor EOS M owners that cannot get their camera to focus."

I think that you tend to generalize to a much, much greater extent than anyone should, and reduce a complex set of tradeoffs to something to simple to remain honest to the question. Any general statement to the effect that all of the NEX cameras have "focusing issues" would be utterly disingenuous. The fact that in specific scenarios of using AF there are other cameras that will likely be somewhat faster does not render moot the fact that the NEX has extremely good manual focusing aids that no camera with optical view finder has. Most of the statements you have made belie this.

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