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You come to this discussion with a narrow view of what camera buyers want based on your own, personal equipent and tastes. When you say "currently not so innovative" are you agreeing with me that Sony have been the leaders, not followers for the past 6/7 years ( which is more relevant to the thread ) ? Which Sony cameras do you think were responses to rival manufacturers' winners ?

Your point about Sony failing to recognise the importance of camera systems is not supported by the facts. Their current lens mount challenges come from their dogged adherence to the Minolta AF mount and its flange distance of 44.5 mm that goes back to the days of film and the Maxxum 7000 that was released in 1985. If you move in the Sony/Konica Minolta circles you will know how many lenses that are over 25 years old and still treasured by Sony and Konica Minolta camera owners ( and the high prices they command ). Sony's loyalty to these people after the dawn of mirrorless-ness is demonstrated by the superbly engineered Alpha to E Mount ( 18mm flange distance ) adapters.

When you say "the A5000 is not interesting to anybody with a NEX-5 or better" do you really think camera makers narrow down their target markets like that especially when this is a starter camera ?

I have been a Minolta user since 1983 and currently have an A900 and a large number of A-mount lenses (including several 'G' lenses) so I am well awre of that history. I am also aware that many A-mount users are very frustated that Sony has abandoned OVF,

Yes, but others, who started as frustrated become to love the EVF when they found out that the good things about that VF (like see what you get, zoom in to help focus, etc) where better then they expected.

changed the flash mount,

That was done on request of many people under whome many professional reviewers, that is the fact in this case. So Sony did listen to their users, but no they could not make everybody happy!

released the awful A58 as the only low/middle range body

Well the A58 is an inbetween camera, in between the A37 and the A57 so maybe not easy to understand, but it takes great pictures I have seen.

and now many are talking about selling all their equipment and moving to another brand as Sony is not currently showing any real ongoing commitment to A-mount in spite of promises to do so in many interviews last year

Well people like that are not thinking in the right way. The A99 came in september 2012, cameras in this class come every 2-3 years, so there is no realy need for a successor now, is there? The A58 came feb 2013, cameras like this come every year, so Sony might launch the successor soon! Some people are easy to upset!

The Minolta glass is indeed liked (not least by me!), but prices are dropping on it at the moment, in case you hadn't noticed

I own both the LA-EA1 and LA-EA2 A-mount to Emount adaptors and frankly they are not particularly good and certainly not 'superbly engineered' as you suggest. They work, but they could work a lot better if Sony changed a few things and they are no replacement for a dedicated A-mount body

What is not good about the adapters? I own the LA-EA1 and it is great. It works like a sharm when you are manual focussing.

Regarding the A5000, I made it perfectly clear that I was discussing what options are open for NEX users in the new range and saying that the A5000 (which is NOT a starter camera - that is the A3000) is of no interest to us, which leaves only the rumoured NEX-7 replacement as a body of possible interest... and if that is not what we want then many will probably leave with Fuji being one of the obvious destinations

Nex users can stay with their excelent cameras without buying every year a new one. The Nex 5r was replaced with the Nex 5t in september, so the successor of that camera may come in september. So people with the Nex 5x can wait until then, go to the Nex 5t, go with the Nex 7 (successor) Nex 6(successor) or the A5000. there is a lot to choose from f they want a new camera.

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