Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: This doesn't add up

Lumixdude wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

I think you are still blinkeredxperience. You need to do some more exploring re just what the larger sensors and the Sony senor performance is capable of. Even the small sensor Sonys as on the RX10 and RX100 have changed the game. In fact, I'd argue now that the real need on the Sonys is for built in ND filters rather than faster lenses. Sony has added one to the rx10 and Ild hope to see this on all future models.

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Mike Fewster
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I probably am a little blinkered by my past experiences and now I want to fix that. It seems all of these cameras be it Eos M or Fuji X mount have auto focus related issues, it does beg the question of what is going on here...

i don't agree with how you put it. There are pros and cons with each different approach to focusing. There are many situations where AF just doesn't work at all, for any camera, and where the manual focusing aids make the difference. I really like both of the manual focusing aids in the NEX-7. They allow me to take manually focused pictures with much greater ease and focus accuracy than I would have with most other cameras. People who complain about focusing are mostly people who have never really learned to focus a camera and who don't understand why the camera can't know what it is that they want to focus on. In many, many situations, the need to get adequate depth of field means that you can't even use the maximum aperture of the lens anyway, although it is possible to allow the camera to use the maximum aperture while focusing and then stop it down, but situations where this will help the camera to be able to focus are not common, and this is very cumbersome to do when using live preview to check the depth of field.

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