D600 AF Tracking in Low-Light?

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Re: D600 AF Tracking in Low-Light?

arrr wrote:

mrjpack wrote:

First of all, if you are shooting indoors & need 6400, obviously you need a fast lens & if you are shooting sports AFC is a must. For better results you need to program the AE button to focus & set the shutter for release. Will you nail 100% nope, but you will get a good majority of your shots...

I've never been an AF ON button shooter. I've always used the half press to start focus and a full press to capture. This technique worked just fine on my previous D300 and D2X. I doubt I can change the way I shoot now. I've been doing it this way for 18 years.

For low light shooting, I understand that its necessary to take some buffer/insurance shots but I'm not looking to get lucky. I need the autofocus to be more reliable than unreliable. Losing 30% of my images to poor focus isn't going to cut it, especially when I am only going to get one chance to capture that moment.

In dark shots if I am shooting properly, I get about 90% which is pretty good according to the conditions. AF On allows for more accurate shooting on any body. It was very foreign to me at first, but now comes naturally to me. Would the D-800 be more accurate? Maybe, but I have not shot it. To be sure, you wold need to go to the D4, maybe a DF.

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