a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

You come to this discussion with a narrow view of what camera buyers want based on your own, personal equipent and tastes. When you say "currently not so innovative" are you agreeing with me that Sony have been the leaders, not followers for the past 6/7 years ( which is more relevant to the thread ) ? Which Sony cameras do you think were responses to rival manufacturers' winners ?

Your point about Sony failing to recognise the importance of camera systems is not supported by the facts. Their current lens mount challenges come from their dogged adherence to the Minolta AF mount and its flange distance of 44.5 mm that goes back to the days of film and the Maxxum 7000 that was released in 1985. If you move in the Sony/Konica Minolta circles you will know how many lenses that are over 25 years old and still treasured by Sony and Konica Minolta camera owners ( and the high prices they command ). Sony's loyalty to these people after the dawn of mirrorless-ness is demonstrated by the superbly engineered Alpha to E Mount ( 18mm flange distance ) adapters.

When you say "the A5000 is not interesting to anybody with a NEX-5 or better" do you really think camera makers narrow down their target markets like that especially when this is a starter camera ?

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