a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

parallaxproblem wrote:

dynaxx wrote:

there may be camera makers out there that try to trump a popular offering from the competition. Sony certainly never has. They plough their own furrow as you can see from the introduction of the A900, the RXI, SLT, the Nex range and the A7000 They were groundbreakers but, sadly, groundbreaking doesn't always translate into profitability.

Sony are currently not being so innovative with the technologies they employ (the A7 has nothing new by itself... sensor and EVF are from A99 and many of the other components are from RX1) just the way they recombine existing components in order to create a new product.

Strange, the created the smallest and lightest Full Frame camera with interchangeble Auto Focus lenses and you call it not inovative. Just lets look at the other brands. Is the Nikon Df so innovative (nothing realy new in that camera, just a reboxed older Nikon camera with a relativly slow AF module. Can you show me how Canon is inovative when they put the same sensor, in a slightly changed body, without enything realy new? And how inovative was Nilkon with the D610, just a fix to the D600, nothning inovative there.

A camera can be inovative just by putting things together in a new way. Canon did that with the SL1, use all existing parts and put in a smaller body. It was inovation to...

The QX series is a perfect example where these lenses are basically re-packaged cybershot cameras

Well here again, you get a completly new way of taking pictures, a very inovative way, never done before. And according to Sony they are selling well...

Unfortunately Sony don't really recongnise the concept of a camera system and instead repackage what they have into something radically different to that which we currently have, in the hope that 'new' customers will buy the product, whatever the reaction of the older customers to the products

Eh? Look at the Nex 5 series: It did not change that much when you look at it. The AF had been made better, some extra functions (like Wifi, apps, etc) has been added and FW updates have been issued. Exactly what you want and now you complain....

The A7(r) and the A3000 are new cameras in their range of E-mount cameras, both with a specific target group (People wanting small FF with High IQ and people wanting very cheap) So yes Sony is trying to get more people buying their stuf, but they are not forgetting the old (look how nice the A5000 looks)

SLT was not necessarily a 'better' feature, it was a different one and Sony pretty quickly stopped giving their customers the option of the traditional OVF (before SLT had the time to offer OVF-level AF performance) and didn't really explain properly to their customers what the over-riding benefits of SLT were

Lets face it the A-mount DSLR was not selling that great. Sony was not a big player in the feild, so they had to try something new and different. The SLT was that step. They came with one last DSLR after the A55 and it was not selling that well, the A55 was selling a lot better. It is logical that Sony decided to stop the DSLR design, two lines of the same kind of camera is to expensive...

NEX was a fantastic product concept but Sony never bothered to make the lenses their customers wanted for it

Well in fact Sony did listen very well in this department. At first people asked for smaller lenses, so came the pancake zoom, the pancaker 20mm and the 35mm lens. People wanted better lenses, so came the Zeiss 24mm, the Zeiss zoom the 35 and 55mm lensesand the G zoom lens.

There is a very nice range of lenses for the E-mount camera at this moment, and more are comming

For the FF E-mount camera Sony listened again and came with the High quality lenses first.

as they simply didn't understand who was buying it, and then all of a sudden dropped the whole NEX name and range when they ran off to make an FF version and left us still wondering what is going to happen to this sector in the future (cue a hundred deranged fanboys and shills shrieking 'nothing has changed you .....')

Stop with the dropping of the Nex range, Sony is showing that they support5 the E-mount range very well. New APS cameras are comming... So they did not ran off to make the FF they did it together with developping the APS version of their cameras. And stop calling people who are not telling what you are telling shills or fanboys, these people were right up till now...

The Fuji releases throw into sharp relief the diffrence in customer awareness between these two companies: Fuji understand their customers and make products geared towards them. Sony neither understand their customers, nor make products that their customers want... the A7 is appealing mainly to non-NEX owners (not that many NEX owners seem to be buying them),

Well where did you get the numbers of the sales of the A7(r) Reading this forum a lot of Nex users here now have the A7(r) or are serious thinking to buy one in the future. So I think this is your wishfull thinking instead of it being based on real numbers. And again with the A7(r) Sony realy listend to the Nex users who wanted a FF camera that was smaller then any existing one...

and the A5000 is not intesting to anybody with a NEX-5 or better.

No it is the Nex 3n successor. It is the lower end camera in the E-mount range. It is not aimed at the Nex 5 users, sony official said that at the announcement of the camera. When Canon brings out the successor to the SL1 camera the users of the 70D will not be interested in it as replacement for their 70D...

We (ie. NEX owners) are all now sitting, waiting for the NEX-7 replacement as it appears to be all we have left...

Well what about the Nex 5t (and the successor that might come at the end of the year)? It is not launched that long ago. In the Past the Nex 5 range had a lifespan of 1 year....

and if it is dull and has a 'hump' then Fuji already has a better 'humped' camera waiting for us (if we are forced to accept 'humps') and a superior lens range to go with it

How do you know that the Fuji humped camera will be better then the Nex 7 successor? Have you information to char? Or is this just missinformation?

Stupid Sony....

Or stupid people who are looking for some sort of conspiricy?

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DUMP the HUMP! Campaign for *REAL* NEX replacement bodies

Strange, you say that Sony must listen to their custommerrs, but there are custommers out there that want a hump. Maybe time to change your slogan?

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