Sigma 50-500mm lenses differences

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Re: Sigma 50-500mm lenses differences

Well, I started just recently and have now only body with one common 18-135 lens but since I am into bird (or wildlife in general) photography I need some telephoto lens. I was thinking of buying a new one, but if there is possibility to buy a used one in very good/excellent conditions, then I'd go try it.

To be honest the IQ of both Sigmas 150-500 and 50-500 is something that concerns me as I'd like to take photos even when there is no bright day (I've found that images during cloudy days are after rain are somehow more interesting) and of course do some cropping from time to time if needed. Since now I have no mono- nor tripod and sine I read it is possible to handheld this I am not into buying any -pod right now...

I saw and compared the images taken with Sigma 50-500 and Canon 100-400 L and there is no doubt that Canon has extremely better IQ (contrast, sharpness, CA) even when used with 2x converter (e.g. Canon 100-400 L with 2X TC at 560mm is much better then Sigma 50-500 at 500mm, I do not need to even mention and compare the photos when 1.6x TC was used on Sigma; and ofc. Canon's pictures taken at 800mm with 2x TC had better IQ then the Sigma at 500mm). This is the reason (and of course, again, Canon 100-400 L is approx. 200 EUR cheaper than Sigma 50-500) why I'd go with Canon 100-400 L rather with this Sigma.

But You are forgetting about my original question - I was not asking about the lens qualities itself, I was asking whether there is some difference between this Sigma 50-500 EX 4.0-6.3 and Sigma 50-500 4.5-6.3 (non-EX) lenses and if go with Sigma, which one to choose?

I am now waiting until the new Tamron 150-600 is available and I believe that guys here from DPR will do a full review of it. Hopefully I won't have to wait for months...

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