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re: a little glossa on pellicle mirrors

parallaxproblem wrote:

SLT was not necessarily a 'better' feature, it was a different one and Sony pretty quickly stopped giving their customers the option of the traditional OVF (before SLT had the time to offer OVF-level AF performance) and didn't really explain properly to their customers what the over-riding benefits of SLT were.

completely aside from possible merits and/or demerits of pellicle mirrors (dubbed SLT by Sony, but not invented there) it is perhaps a good opportunity to bring back the concept's memory from its not so very remote past:

"In 1972 Canon launched a high-speed F-1 model with a fixed pellicle mirror that allowed the user to see the subject at all times. Equipped with a motor drive the camera was able to shoot up to 9 frames per second, the highest speed of any motor driven camera at the time".

just saying


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