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Al Downie wrote:

With mixed feelings, I've just returned the 60mm I bought from Amazon, and will be selling the X-E1, 35mm and 18-55mm - I'll be very sorry to let it go. It's been great fun to use, and the image quality is surprisingly good, as you all know.

I've just ordered a Nikon D800 and three Nikkors (85mm f1.4G, 135mm f2DC, 16-35mm f4G) and might buy the Sigma 50mm when it's released, if the price/performance is anything like their 35mm model.

I've surprised myself to be honest - after all my bleating about how disappointing the Df is, and all the excitement about the X-T1 which is without doubt the closest thing yet to the camera I've been longing for, in the end I've given up on the small sensor and gone full-frame with a conventional DSLR that offers NO traditional controls at all. Nuts.

I love the controls on the Fujis, and the light weight and portability. Love the image quality too, as far as it goes - I've loved shooting family portraits, landscapes, travel etc with the X-E1 (and the X100). Sadly though, the AF system is just not responsive enough to make the camera completely versatile, and there are no long prime lenses on the road map, so wildlife and sports (and even hyperactive toddler life) are pretty much excluded. I also have a nagging feeling that, with Fuji, I'd become a consumer rather than a photographer. It sort-of feels like that niche of the market is still evolving too quickly, and I'll end up having (or wanting) to buy newer, better stuff all the time. Looking at Fuji forums, it seems that everyone cannot wait to replace this Fuji or that Fuji with the next Fuji, and I'm sure that there WILL be a full frame Fuji at some point, which will mean replacing all the lenses too. I can understand the attraction, but I need a bit of stability!

I'm keeping the X100 for sure; it'll remain my little carry-around camera, but I'm *so* looking forward to being back on full-frame again, with an investment in great glass that will hopefully last 10-20yrs. The D800 should be good for at least 5 years too, I think.

Best of luck to you all - hope you continue to enjoy the Fuji journey!



I still think you should have bought a Df, but I'll let you off and see you in the Nikon forum...

I strongly recommend the Nikon 28/50/85 F1.8G lenses. They are exceptional at their price point (for other readers they perform quite nicely with a speedbooster on a Fuji X body too). If you get weak performance from the 85 F1.4 below F2 I suggest returning it and swapping it for the F1.8 lens (which seems to perform better wide open on the D800).

Another great lens to look at is the 14mm Samyang F2.8. It's amazingly good, almost up there with the 14-24 but much smaller and lighter. Another fun one for others to try on the speedbooster but it isn't as good (as you would expect) as on a FF body.

As an aside, I pretty much use the 14-24 and 24-70 on the D800 these days and save my primes for the Df.

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