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Been there. Done that. Keep doing it.

NewGirlLiz wrote:

Thanks Roel. Yes, I'm spoilt by this beautiful town. I just hope that one day I can take photos that do it justice!

You are doing that already.

Thanks for your comments. I think that you were one of the people who also suggested I post a photo in the Retouching forum. I've done that with this morning's walkies pic!

That was not me. I don't know that forum very well.

My own efforts at PP are just the regular basic things like exposure, contrast, clarity, saturation.

I would not ever consider myself someone good at retouching.

I have commented on a couple of photos and will do on a few more too. I agree that looking at other people's work is a good way to help you learn about what you like and don't like for your own work.

Absolutely. And the extra effort of writing down your thoughts makes them more conscious and you will gain more from that, than from just looking. Trust me : I've been doing it for over 5 years and still learn every week.

Thanks for the encouragement and the really useful feedback.

You're welcome. That is the main reason why I keep visiting these forums.


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