Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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My own taste varies quite a lot

This is an interesting thread and has demonstrated the wide variety of views among photographers.

Just to add a further twist to this discussion: I find that my own views are by no means unchanging and can vary quite a lot according to the circumstances.

All of my photos are initially viewed on a computer screen (apart from viewing them on the camera, of course), but I choose a small number to print on paper (generally after quite a lot more pp). Most of these get looked at for a time, then filed away. A few are displayed on a suitable wall (either framed or unframed) for an extended period of time (months or years).

I also choose ones I particularly like to use as wallpaper on my computer (generally changed every few weeks).

Now, in both these circumstances, I often find that, after extended viewing, my opinions may change somewhat. The shots I like most, either as prints or as computer wallpaper, are quite often not those shots that I selected as best when I initially looked at them on the computer. I have never really fully understood the reasons for this.

It seems that those images that are most striking at first glance are often not the ones that give me the most pleasure when seen over a more extended period of time. I have never entered photo competitions for this reason - most of my favourites have been chosen for extended viewing and are generally not so appealing at first sight.

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