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Re: Mistake

whiteyblack wrote:

liquid stereo wrote:

I think your mistake was thinking/assuming/believing/suspecting that these mirror-less cameras can replace a DSLR for anything resembling sports, wildlife or telephoto shooting. They absolutely cannot. Not now. I'm not sure what all the full-frame nonsense is about.

The stability you speak of comes from knowing your photographic/imaging needs. Good luck with the D800.

The Nikon V1 & V2 can do sports. In spades. It's AF is absolutely DSLR-class; not quite D4 or D800, but close. It's IQ is as good as a D200. For birding it's better because you can use Nikon F-mount glass with a 2.7 crop factor. It's weakness is high ISO IQ. It's not a PRO sports camera, but it's an excellent choice for most people.

If you want ONE system to do it all, you still need a DLSR. After I experienced the V1, I knew I no longer needed my D300 (which is outdated IQ-wise anyway) so I chose Fuji for portraits, landscapes, low light, b&w, and street. And I have the V1 for action and telephoto. And I don't have to lug around a DSLR anymore.

If you don't mind the size and weight, the D800 is one of the best cameras ever built.

Agree, fully, Whiteyblack!

I do most of my photography with my V1, an excellent birding, and sports, camera, having totally replaced my APS-C DSLRs (I still have a NEX-5N, seldom used though - nice for sweep panoramas), except for landscape, and portrait, photography, and low light BIF (birds in flight). Then I use my D600!

A Fuji X-T1 would be an excellent replacement of the V1, maybe not for the D600 :-)!

Some sample images, mostly birds:

D600 can be used for birds not in flight, too!

Just seconds after sunrise (D600)

AF-S lenses on the V1 works well, but not for BIF!

V1 excels when used on static birds!

The fog closing in! Ideal for the D600!

Digiscoping with V1 and the UWA lens. Plus an old Kowa spotting scope!

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