X-T1 and 56mm hands-on

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DAndison wrote:

justin_time wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

Since the X-E2 and X-T1 share the same image processor, sensor and PDAF technology any performance in AF speed must come from updated FW. Hopefully this would trickle down to us current X-Trans II camera owners.


I would not assume speed increase must come from firmware. I could have more / faster memory & possibly different hardware architecture that gives the speed boost. But I hope it is firmware as I have X-E2, so would love that to be improved.

Correct. First reviews from Rico Pfirstinger suggested it maybe hardware related improvements and not just firmware. He mentioned in the review that things like the tethering app will become available to the X-E2 after a FW upgrade but the predictive AF with increased speed wouldn't, due to hardware changes. I would imagine the colour focus peaking will also arrive on the existing X Cameras as well.

Taken from the review.

"Like the X-E2 and X100S, the X-T1 uses a hybrid autofocus system that combines traditional (and slow but very accurate) contrast detect autofocus (CDAF) with fast phase detect autofocus (PDAF). PDAF works with roughly 100,000 sensor pixels that are distributed throughout the central nine of the camera’s 49 autofocus frames. However, this is where the similarities end, because unlike the X-E2, the X-T1 offers predictive object tracking: It calculates speed, acceleration and deceleration of an object in order to predict how far away it will be from the camera when the image is actually exposed. By pre-focusing on this calculated/predicted distance, the camera can compensate for shutter lag and similar delays."

"I’m confident that features like wifi tethering will eventually also appear in the X-E2 via a firmware upgrade. However, predictive AF may or may not be in store for the X-E2 due to hardware constraints on the memory and processing side."

Again, if the X-T1 has additional memory or AF hardware they really need to talk (brag) about it.  Rico saying that improved AF "may or may not" trickle down to the X-E2 does little to instill confidence in someone trying to decide between the 2 cameras based mostly on AF speed.

I find the X-E2 AF better than my old FF DSLR.  I'm just interested in what is upgradable and what is not.



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