a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

dynaxx wrote:

there may be camera makers out there that try to trump a popular offering from the competition. Sony certainly never has. They plough their own furrow as you can see from the introduction of the A900, the RXI, SLT, the Nex range and the A7000 They were groundbreakers but, sadly, groundbreaking doesn't always translate into profitability.

The problem is that innovation on its own is not enough, and in this market (ie. system cameras) can be very frustrating for end users

Sony are currently not being so innovative with the technologies they employ (the A7 has nothing new by itself... sensor and EVF are from A99 and many of the other components are from RX1) just the way they recombine existing components in order to create a new product.  The QX series is a perfect example where these lenses are basically re-packaged cybershot cameras

As systems' camera owners we want Sony to look after the cameras they are already making (ie. firmwares, lenses and accessories) and we want to see innovation in the form of better AF, better features and where possible miniturisation rather than replacing our cameras with things we would never have bought if they had been sold when we entered the system

Unfortunately Sony don't really recongnise the concept of a camera system and instead repackage what they have into something radically different to that which we currently have, in the hope that 'new' customers will buy the product, whatever the reaction of the older customers to the products

SLT was not necessarily a 'better' feature, it was a different one and Sony pretty quickly stopped giving their customers the option of the traditional OVF (before SLT had the time to offer OVF-level AF performance) and didn't really explain properly to their customers what the over-riding benefits of SLT were

NEX was a fantastic product concept but Sony never bothered to make the lenses their customers wanted for it as they simply didn't understand who was buying it, and then all of a sudden dropped the whole NEX name and range when they ran off to make an FF version and left us still wondering what is going to happen to this sector in the future (cue a hundred deranged fanboys and shills shrieking 'nothing has changed you .....')

RX1 was indeed an excellent product and it seems to have sold well, but this is NOT a camera system and so Sony know how to market this type of product and understand their relationship with RX1 customers...  ie. If they make something very different for the next model it will not 'upset' RX1 customers as they have no real investment in the RX1 system, and if Canon make a 'better' RX1 the current RX1 owners can immediately buy it as they have no lens systems etc to replace

The Fuji releases throw into sharp relief the diffrence in customer awareness between these two companies:  Fuji understand their customers and make products geared towards them.  Sony neither understand their customers, nor make products that their customers want...  the A7 is appealing mainly to non-NEX owners (not that many NEX owners seem to be buying them), and the A5000 is not intesting to anybody with a NEX-5 or better.  We (ie. NEX owners) are all now sitting, waiting for the NEX-7 replacement as it appears to be all we have left...  and if it is dull and has a 'hump' then Fuji already has a better 'humped' camera waiting for us (if we are forced to accept 'humps') and a superior lens range to go with it

Stupid Sony....

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