Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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Re: My take on this

Hmm. Actually, I think you were given the right advice. The snow in the front doesn't help the photo!

I like your barn much better, cropped, by the way. The sunrise one doesn't seem improved either way, with or without the power lines or road. Personally, I just don't think that this is a great photo, whatever is done with it.

I really love the other two shots you've posted, taken in the same place as your first of these three here. These are my favourites by far.

Please ignore the following if it doesn't ring true for you, but a thought occurred to me on reading through all of this thread and some of the things you've said.

I can't help wondering if you might be creating unnecessary confusion for yourself by seeking feedback multiple times on the same images? As you know, I'm very much a newbie and I know that if I kept bringing the same image back and getting LOTS of people's advice on it, at some point it would become counterproductive for me and I would no longer be able to work out what I thought at all. I think you have to reach a point where you make your own decisions based on your own views and all the advice you've heard and draw a line under it and move on - otherwise you can sink under the weight of too much discussion and analysis and be pulled in so many directions that you no longer know what you, yourself, think.

Just my opinion!


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