70D price - any speculation/projections??

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Re: 70D price - any speculation/projections??

Sid911 wrote:

Can I interest you into looking into the thread which I started here ?

I was in the same boat, having missed all the Christmas deals and feeling all stupid. I was lucky that Amazon price matched me the previous lower price. I had to pay 9% CA sales tax, however, It still came out less than what they are selling them for now.

One particular deal which I missed is here. It had the camera with 18-135STM, 16GB Sandisk extreme card, bag, UV and Polarizer filter kit, a Vello Wireless shutter release etc. all costing $1290!!!

However, in the present scenario, I believe the only option as suggested by others would be to go the rebates route. It would come out significantly less.

On a separate note, how do the mail rebates work? Do they revert back the $400 or send you some pre-paid card valued $400?

It varies...you have to read the details on the rebate form.

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