Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: Too much religion not any science

Paulmorgan wrote:

That's rich - the cognitive dissonance is all on your side. As I demonstrated to almost you a month ago, the shutter shock blur doesn't always disappear when the camera is mounted on a tripod.

Here it is again, plain evidence of increased blurriness in the shutter shock danger zone with hand shake eliminated:

Attaching the camera to something solid is likely to increase the risk of SS, hence the delay settings that you can set, this is even talked about in the camera manual.

And this is perfectly normal and to be expected under certain conditions.

At least by testing using a tripod you are eliminating most other causes of blur, such as hand shake etc.

Hand held the risk of SS diminishes.

Paul Morgan

I think you need to brush up on inductive logic. What you may be saying about shutter shock may or may not be correct. The point of the test with the tripod is to eliminate a variable that might or might not or might partly be responsible for the poor results. That variable is hand movement. Once that has been accounted for one can look at other causes. I do think that the problem is with the camera and not the photographer, but thinking and knowing on the basis of concrete evidence are different matters. If you are such a big nay-sayer about these cameras you should welcome such tests as they stand to sharpen the evidence supporting what you are saying.

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