a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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David: do not agree...

salla30 wrote:

agreed. I would far rather see developments in accuracy of autofocus; and an ability to easily select and lock on to a "target" more accurately, than shaving milliseconds off the speed (and perhaps at the expense of accuracy)


  • ...after about two decades of shooting film Eos'es I went with a Rebel (it was 400d), and was dearly disappointed with both AF speed and accuracy;
  • few years latter the 40d followed = greatly improved accuracy but... still not enough speed;
  • then finally (slightly more than 4 years ago) the 7d arrived = a digital body I was waiting for all that time - fast and also accurate, but... by then it felt too heavy and too big ;
  • so... the N7 followed, dismally slow AF'er, and the whole cycle started to repeat itself, again - endless wait for them to do it right... arrrrgh!!

so, here we're, waiting for the Nex-7 mk-II, and keeping fingers crossed that perhaps finally it will be the NEX akin to the legendary 7d's AF'ing performance (fat chance for that of course, but... hope is free, right?? )


PS and the meantime Canon decided to screw the outstanding 7d's AF when they released 70d - supposedly with exactly the same AF hardware, but crippled in FW with several crucial AF features stripped/disabled - most importantly the spot-AF is no more present !!

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