E-M5 Firmware update... V 2.0 today..

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Using 100 ISO equivalent.......

kenjim wrote:

Wait, we have ISO100 in E-PL5?

Always. By sneaky means.

Do what the other ones do and over-expose ISO 200 by 1 stop but be careful with the highlights.

In the cameras that have the 100 ISO feature, like E-PL1  and E-M1 etc, they warn in the manuals that 100 ISO makes for less noise at the expense of decreased dynamic range.

If the scene has a very low dynamic range then maybe 2 stops over is possible for 50 ISO equivalent.

It's actually called "expose to the right", use the RAW and then alter the brightness down to what you want to see in post process.

Getting the jpeg to "look right" in the camera is a sure way to get mediocre results at times. Use RAW, expose to the right, then check the RAW histogram with RawDigger to see if close to RAW over-exposure, get to know the camera.

For interest, page 41 of the E-PL1 manual....

Regards.... Guy

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