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Welcome, Liz, and don't be shy

NewGirlLiz wrote:

Hi all

This is my first time posting and I'm very much a newbie to doing anything other than pointing and shooting.

This pic was taken this morning. It's an old pier in the town where I live which is only visible on a very low tide. I haven't done anything to the photo other than crop it slightly, as I have not yet got as far as learning anything about post processing! I didn't have a tripod as I was out walking the dog, so had my hands quite full - but did the best I could under the conditions.

Look forward to any comments. Thanks,


Welcome, Liz.

Another St Ives shot from you.

Geez, you are blessed to be living there and be able to walk your dog on the beach and between the beached boats at low tide.  St Ives is a place where I could totally imagine creating a sequence of images to show that little harbour and its activities at different times of day and in different seasons.  Been done before, but still an endless inspiration.

About your morning-walk-snap:  that pier is a subject begging to be explored.

You caught some warm colour on the horizon, but the pier itself is still shrouded in the cool blue colours of night.  Andrew had a go at your image, and it immediately looks like it was made a couple hours later.  That is what White Balance will do for you.  Shoot RAW and use a program like Lightroom or any of the other good processing software (I'm still using LR 4.4) and the possibilities of fooling around with mood and colour are near endless.

I actually like the coolness of your original (more of an early early morning feel), but would consider to crisp it up a bit with clarity, a bit of brightness and some contrast.

And I am in favour of slanted horizons if they are a conscious creative choice (for dynamism).  Yours looks like an accident and I would correct it (again : easy in PP).

You've received some useful feedback, and you should return the favour.  I see that you posted a comment on the Parachute Jumper, but please take your time and make up your mind about some other images and write what you like or don't like.  You can concur with others if you read their comments first, or you can choose to start with a clean slate and just the image and articulate your own thoughts.

I promise you: giving feedback is at least as, if not more, instructive as getting feedback.

It all starts with looking.

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