Do You Use the Neck Strap?

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Re: Do You Use the Neck Strap?

jrkliny wrote:

I consider a neck strap to be absolutely essential for a DSLR. I would like to know how anyone can change a less without a strap. Well I am sure it is possible if you have a table or are sitting down. But how can you change lenses while outside walking around?

BTW, here is how I do it with a strap. First I press the lens release button and slightly turn the lens on the camera so it remains unlocked. I pull a lens out of a pouch with my right hand. The left hand removes the lens from the camera and the right immediately attaches the new lens. I then stow the previously used lens in a lens case. The process of lens changing can be completed in about 10 seconds while I am walking. An exception is my 100-400 lens. That beast is heavy enough that I need to stand still and concentrate while changing that lens.

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That's a good reason. I just use my bag to help change lenses. Take off the lens, drop it in the bag, chuck the new lens on the camera, cap the old lens.'s gear's gear list
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