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Re: They Are the Same Thing

Perry Kivolowitz wrote:

Basalite wrote:

jackdan wrote:

For the sake of good communication, when does edit apply and when does processes apply?

Stick to the actual definitions of the words and you'll see that in this case they are the same thing.

One of the biggest problems with language and communication is when people feel the need to apply new meanings to words that already have meanings.

I think jackdan had a perfectly reasonable and thought provoking question.

While I agree with you that (any sufficiently complex) language has problems, what you might be overlooking is contextual semantics of words.

I might edit a document then spend a 50 minute hour with a therapist processing not getting a sled that one winter. Not at all the same meaning.

I'm not "overlooking" anything. I said "in this case." Clearly one can process something in their heads, and clearly that is not contextually relevant in this case.

If you hope for an unambiguous and virtuously precise language, that ship has sailed.

I haven't expressed "hope" for anything. I merely stated some facts.

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