E-M5 Firmware update... V 2.0 today..

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Re: You have no idea

dpalugyay wrote:

what Olympus intends to do with future firmware, so your ASSumption is just that. I just read that focus peaking is still a possibility to be released via firmware.

Have you considered the pretty likely possibility that the website in question simply got the details wrong?

They mentioned a "firmware update on the way". What do you know -- a new firmware shows up for E-M5 just a few hours later! Isn't it logical to assume that that is the update they meant, and not some another, mythical update further in the future? Do also note that the website only mentioned one update...

Yes, these are all assumptions, including yours, but there is also this thing called Occam's razor.

But hey, if you enjoy getting your hopes up on the flimsiest of "evidence", be my guest... Personally, I expect 2.0 to be the "swan song" update for E-M5. If Olympus wanted to port more features from newer models, they would've done it in 2.0 -- there is no reason to do it piecemeal over multiple updates.

Then again, who am I to second-guess Olympus -- if somebody asked me 24h ago for chances of seeing the 2.0 firmware, I would've laughed, yet here it is -- so it's not like I wish for you to be wrong...

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